Give your kids an early start into the world of Information Technology

Introduction to Digi

Digi recognises the importance of strong digital skills and a core understanding of computer science in the 21st century and has been designed to meet the needs of the UK and and international students aged 5 to 16.

Each Digi programme covers: Coding, Computational Thinking, Online Safety & Digital Literacy.

(Key Stage 1) Explorers ages 5-7

Digital Citizenship
Digital Design and Creation
Presenting Information
Handling Data

Programming languages taught:
• Pseudocode
• Scratch

(Key Stage 2) Navigators ages 7-11

Animation and Graphical Modelling
Computer Gaming
Creating Digital Presentations
Web Research
Networks, communication and collaboration
Data Analysis and Representation
Programming Simulations and Physical Systems

Programming languages taught:
• Scratch

(Key Stage 3) Trailblazers ages 11-14

Keeping yourself and your friends safe online
Solving Problems with Algorithms
Computer Instructions and Data Types
Designing and Developing Computer Programs
Computer Logic and Number Representations
Computer Models and Simulations
Computer Systems
Managing a Digital Project
Developing a Digital Artefact

Programming languages taught:
• Scratch
• Python

(Key Stage 4) Level 2 Award in Computinting
ages 14-16

Developing Problem Solving Skills
Testing Computer Programs
Protecting your online presence
Computer Systems
Programming in multiple languages
Searching and Sorting
Computer Logic and Number Representation
Online Collaboration Software
Cloud Computing

Programming languages taught:
• Python
• Java