Computer Basics Course

Overview Computer Basics

 This course will provide students with an introduction to the key Computer Basics that will be required in their studies. Students will learn basic skills in using word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software.

The course will focus on the Microsoft Office suite, with reference being made to Microsoft Office 2010 software throughout. However, the course has been specifically designed to allow the relevant skills to be taught regardless of the software version being used.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware:                   Learners need access to computers.

Software:                    Learners must have access to Microsoft Office software.

Learning Outcomes;

The Learner will:

  1. Understand the main functions of a word processor
  2. Be able to use the main functions of a word processor
  3. Be able to extract information from the Internet without plagiarizing
  4. Understand how to open, create and modify a spreadsheet
  5. Be able to format a spreadsheet
  6. Be able to create graphs from a spreadsheet
  7.  Understand the main functions of presentation software
  8. Be able to utilise presentation software

Course content

  • An Introduction to Word Processing
  • Editing and Formatting Word Processed         Documents Part I
  • Finding and Using Information from the Internet
  • Editing and Formatting Word Processed Documents Part II
  • An Introduction to Spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet Formula and Functions
  • Formatting Spreadsheets
  • Creating Graphs from a Spreadsheet
  • An Introduction to Presentation Software
  • Producing a Multimedia Presentation