Overview and Objectives

Data Science: An Introduction

This course will provide learners with an understanding of how to think in a data-analytics way, conduct investigations on business activity, rigorously analyse data and communicate results. Students will learn how to present summarised findings to allow key stakeholders to make effective decisions.

The course is aimed at people with little to no experience in data science.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware:    Learners need access to computers with Internet access.

Software:    Learners   will      have   access   to   Python, IDE/Java/Java, IDE, spreadsheet, Software and access to SQL Fiddle.


The Learner will:         

  1. Understand computer instructions and datatypes
  2. Know how to manage a digital project
  3. Understand how     to   solve problems with algorithms
  4. Be able to structure, manipulate and represent data
  5. Developing and      Testing Programme Code
  6. Be able  to  create  a  database using SQL 
  7. Use summary  and  inferential statistics to inform business decisions
  8. Understanding Data visualisation
  9. Understand Machine   Learning Models                     


  • Computer Instructions and Data
  • Collecting and Analysing Data
  • Understand how to solve problems with Algorithms -1
  • Understand how to solve problems with Algorithms – 2
  • Structure, Manipulate and Represent Data
  • Developing and Testing Program Code
  • Developing a Simple Database using SQL
  • Data Retrieval with SQL
  • Inferential Statistics – 1
  • Inferential Statistics – 2
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Science Project Lifecycle