Mobile App Development

Become a Professional Android and iOS Developer. Master Java, Kotlin, Python, SQL Databases, Google Firebase, Flutter and more



Learn to build applications for the hugely popular Android platform and iOS devices!

With over 3 billion active users for Android alone, the mobile app market is growing fast and is filled with exciting opportunities for developers with the right skills.

We teach students how to build professional apps using Android Studio and Xcode, integrated development environments for Android and iOS respectively.

Through this curriculum, the student will learn how to:

  • Use Android Studio and Xcode to create sleek and engaging apps
  • Develop mobile applications with popular mobile development frameworks and languages, including Java, Kotlin, Python, Flutter, Firebase, or SQL databases

This curriculum gives students all the tools needed to develop Android and iOS mobile applications – featuring introductory modules for those who have never coded before, to intermediate and advanced courses that will allow more experienced developers to take their skills to the next level.


Course #1
Intro to Java for Android Development

Course #2
UI Design

Course #3
Android SQL Databases

Course #4
The Complete RESTful APIs for Android

Course #5
The Complete Firebase Course with Kotlin

Course #6
iOS App Development

Course #7
The Complete Mobile App Development Course with Flutter

Course #8
The complete Android and iOS mobile development with Python

Durations 3 months and 2 weeks (100% Project-based)

Delivery Method: In-person and live online hands-on learning

Job Profile: Mobile App developer