Data Science

Program Overview

This course provides knowledge on all the key techniques such as Statistical Analysis, Probability Theory, Regression Analysis, Visualisation with Matplotlib, Python, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Text Clustering and many more.

Hardware: Learners need access to computers with Internet access.

By the end of the program, learners will have the skills and experience needed to
start a career in Data Science

The Learner will:

1. Understand the skill sets needed to be
a data scientist.

2. Be able to describe the data science
process and how these components

3. Understand probability theory and
random variables.

4. Understand statistics concepts.

5. Be able to perform linear regression
analysis and statistical data modelling

6. Be able to create and manipulate of
databases with Python.

7. Be able to create a visualisation with

8. Be able to design and develop
a database system

9. Understand text mining and natural
language processing techniques.

10. Be able to classify text into categories.


• Introduction to Data Science

• Probability Theory and Random Variables
Statistics Concepts

• Linear Regression Analysis and Statistical Data Modelling Techniques

• Introduction to Python

• Python with SQL

• Visualisation with Matplotlib

• Database System

• Design and Develop Database
System using SQL

• Text Mining and Natural Language

• Text Classification

• Text Clustering

Delivery Method: in-class or live online

Job Profile: Data Scientist

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Jan 31 2022


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