Full Stack Web Development

Program Overview

This program is designed to train learners from a beginner stage to a competent full-stack web developers. it is intensive learning with hands-on projects. The application will consist of the frontend and backend with practical. The program includes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js. and more

By the end of the program, learners will have the skills and experience needed to start a career in web development.

Learning Objectives
• Use HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to implement well-structured Web sites
• Understand the basic functionality of JavaScript to build dynamic web pages and web applications
• Design and develop responsive Web sites using Bootstrap and jQuery
• Use MySQL, the world’s most popular open-source database
• Design and develop a Web application and more

Course Outline

Elements of Web Design:
• Introduction to the common language behind Web Pages
Introduction to HTML
• Introduction of Necessary Software’s
• Creating Development Environment
Introduction to HTML5
Selection and Articles:
• The Selection Tag
• The Article Tag
• Outlining
• Accessibility
• Introduction to API
• Google Map API
• Getting Started with Canvas
Introduction to CSS
• Css Syntax
• Css Colors
• Css Background
• Css Box Model

Introduction to CSS3
• Understanding CSS3 Terminology
• Adding Rules to a Style Sheet
• Adding Selectors
• Working with Multiple Declarations
Working with Style Sheets
• Embedding a Style Sheet
• Importing an External Style Sheet
• Importing Multiple Style Sheets
• Linking to an External Style Sheet
• Managing Style Sheets
Selectors and the Cascade
• Understanding Selectors
• Using ID and CLASS Selectors
• Using Grouped and Descendant Selectors
• Looking for the Sources of Styles
Using CSS3 to Affect Page Layout
• Introducing the CSS3 Box Model
• Creating Simple Floats
• Using Floats for Page Layout
• Fixing Column Drop
• Cleaning Essentials
• Containing Floats
• Displaying Elements
Bootstrap front-end framework
• How to implement Bootstrap in existing websites
• Naming files properly
• Naming folders properly
• Saving images to the correct folder
• Saving pages to the correct folder
Introduction to PHP and Mysql
Managing Data
• Querying a Database
• Mysqli () Overview
• Mysqli () Methods and Properties
• Inserting and Updating Records
• Mysqli Prepared Statements
• Uploading & Downloading to the internet.
• Connecting to a remote server
• Managing your files on the remote server
Search Engines & Meta Tags
• Introduction to SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
• What are Meta tags?
• Where to add them in your website
• How to add your website to search engines
and more

Delivery Method: in-class or live online learning

Duration: 3 Months

Job Profiles: Web Developer, Web Application Developer, Website Designer

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