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Data Science


Ever thought how does Netflix recommend videos based on the genre of your choice? How does facebook automatically tag the face of recognized individuals? Or how do bank identify the potentially loyal customers and which are mostly likely to leave for a competitor? You will study these phenomena and how they work through a data science course

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of study that uses scientific processes. approaches, methods, systems and algorithms to extract requisite insights and information from structured and unstructured data.

• Computer instruction and data
• Collecting and analysing data
• Understanding how to solve problems with algorithms1
• Understanding how to solve problems with algorithms2
• Structure, manipulate and represent data
• Developing and testing program code
• Developing a simple database using SQL
• Inferential statistics1
• Inferential statistics2
• Data visualization
• Data science project lifecycle

JOB PROFILES: Data scientist, Data analyst

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